Local High School Chaplain Suspended After Sexual Assault Allegations

As of February 6th, Indianapolis Priest David Marcotte has been suspended due to sexual abuse chargers dating back to 2016. Marcotte has been serving as the Chaplain at Roncolli High School in Indianapolis and formerly at the University of Indianapolis. These allegations have come just months after the release of over 20 priests who have been linked to charges including the sexual assault of a minor. Marcotte is named as one of the two priests in a single church who are guilty with as many as a dozen victims each. Since action was taken in early February, the chaplain has been removed from the staff of the high school and restricted from public ministry while the investigation continues.

This story is especially prominent among students from elementary school all the way through college. It seems as though new sexual assault cases are being released every week and the victims are consistently related to school as well as the church. My hope for sharing this is that it serves as a wake up call telling us that something needs to change, as well as an encouragement to speak up to anyone who might have fallen victim to this crime.

While this article does a good job of informing the reader of the actions taken the charges of Fr. David Marcotte. However the unanswered questions remain of what will happen as the investigation continues and the result if found guilty. While the focus is mainly set on the charges, more could have been shared about the investigation itself. However, because the sources interviewed came from within the school, they served as a good source of information.


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